First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    The Story

    Love God and love your neighbor. Jesus made it sound simple, but we know it’s not. So each day we learn what this means through celebrations, how we choose to grow, express care, and serve our community and beyond. The story of our church is a story of ever-deepening relationships.

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    Fall Sermon Series

    Ruth sermon series

    Our new sermon series begins Sunday, September 10 and continues for twelve weeks. The framework of the faith many of us hold today has its roots found in a series of events that took place 500 years ago. The Protestant Reformation took long-standing beliefs about God and faith, turning them on their heads and making them once again accessible to all people.

    What was it about those beliefs then and what is it about them now that continues to have an impact on our world?

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    First Pres Stories

    Meet Reilly

    Reilly shares her experience growing up at First Pres, how the mentors in her life have helped her to get where she is today, and how it felt to serve as Intern for Youth Ministries last summer.

    We Serve

    In the Community

    Following Jesus means being sent as a servant in the world. Of all the teachings of Jesus only one did he call the greatest. β€œLove God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39). This extraordinary command is what guides us as we seek to serve others in our cities, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

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