First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    The Story

    Love God and love your neighbor. Jesus made it sound simple, but we know it’s not. So each day we learn what this means through celebrations, how we choose to grow, express care, and serve our community and beyond. The story of our church is a story of ever-deepening relationships.

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    Inside Out

    Inside Out

    Most of us have at some point felt like an outsider – insignificant, invisible, worthless. The Gospel of Luke is a first century portrait of Jesus with a particular focus on his ministry with those who were considered nobodies, people on the outside looking in.

    Beginning September 9 and through Easter, April 21, we will read and study the Gospel of Luke together, concentrating on the life of Jesus and his effect on the world. We’ll see how Luke’s emphasis of Jesus’ concern for those isolated and marginalized by society is a message that resonates with people today.

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    Beginning Fall 2018

    Soul Deep: apprentice immersion

    A 30 week journey of transformation and learning.

    Contact Allie Shoulders for more information.

    First Pres Stories

    Meet Alexis

    We are a community whose lives are interconnected. Therefore, we naturally share interest and involvement with one another. Beyond that we express a commitment to care with acts of support and service to particular needs. In this video, Alexis describes how people from our church family provide much needed care for people who have become primary caregivers.