First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    The Story

    Love God and love your neighbor. Jesus made it sound simple, but we know it’s not. So each day we learn what this means through celebrations, how we choose to grow, express care, and serve our community and beyond. The story of our church is a story of ever-deepening relationships.

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    The Unexpected

    Upside Down

    We live in a chaotic world where reality feels upside down. The powerful rule, the poor and innocent suffer, and weather at times is disastrous – with droughts, wildfires and flooding.

    From January to May we pick-up the narrative of Luke’s Gospel as Jesus “set his face to go to Jerusalem.” On that journey Jesus calls us to recognize the upside down nature of God’s kingdom. He tells us “the last will be first and the first last.”

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    A Different Sort of Connection

    Connecting Through Nature

    Connecting Through Nature is a series of special events designed to celebrate God’s amazing creation in community of all ages. We have gone on an evening owl prowl, enjoyed hikes around Sonoma County, made birdhouses, looked at the stars, and marveled at the migration of Vaux’s swifts.

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