First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    The Story

    Love God and love your neighbor. Jesus made it sound simple, but we know it’s not. So each day we learn what this means through celebrations, how we choose to grow, express care, and serve our community and beyond. The story of our church is a story of ever-deepening relationships.

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    Promise & Privilege:
    Covenant Living Then and Now

    Promise & Privilege: Covenant Living Then and Now

    We’ll trace the thread of God’s redemptive purpose for the world through the complexities of God choosing a specific people and making covenant with them. We’ll hear the story of God’s people as they struggle to fulfill their covenant obligations despite its privileges. We’ll also discover our connection and continuity with God’s covenant people and what it means for us to say yes to God.

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    Annual Migration

    Connecting Through Nature

    Vaux’s Swifts have been roosting in the Healdsburg Rio Lindo Adventist Academy chimney since 1989. The incredible sight of thousands of birds flying in a tornado-like pattern against the dusk sky is simply incredible. This is a wonderful event for all ages and all physical abilities.

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    Save the Date: Join us on Saturday, October 26th for a Connecting Through Nature: Owl Prowl night walk. We will be in search of Barn Owls and the Great Horned Owl. More details coming soon!