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Community Service

Following Jesus means being sent as a servant in the world. Of all the teachings of Jesus only one did he call the greatest. “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39). This extraordinary command is what guides us as we seek to serve others in our cities, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Donate to the
F.I.S.H Pantry

Every Sunday This Winter

Our Community Service Team reminds you to contribute two specific items to help stock the pantry shelves: canned soup and cereal– any size, any brand. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve our neighbors. Add these items to your shopping list and bring them to the Connect Center in the sanctuary entrance any Sunday. 

Two Cereal Boxes

Community Service Partners

FPC encourages our friends and members to engage with their Sonoma County communities by offering their gifts, interests, and skills to those in need. FPC actively partners with several established community organizations who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment and capacity to serve vulnerable populations in Sonoma County. Learn more about these organizations and our involvement with them:


Our Commitment to Racial and Social Justice

A commitment to racial and social justice is a strategic goal adopted by the session for our church. Our approach is invitational and biblical, with three essential components:


  • Education is essential.  We have learned that it takes a shared vocabulary in order to carry on a meaningful and productive conversation about racial concerns.

  • Relationship building is necessary to understand the experiences of others whose lives may be different than our own.

  • Community participation is required for racial equality and justice to be advanced throughout our immediate community—in education, health care, leadership representation, housing, policing, and income disparities. 

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