First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    Who We Are

    Some may see our identity as reflected in our name and denominational affiliation as a PCUSA congregation. Others might point to our inter-generational emphasis of children, youth, and families. Others might speak of our worship as a place which provides both traditional and contemporary music.

    We Are - Rooted in the Past and Embracing the Future
    Established in 1855, we are one of Santa Rosa’s oldest churches with a history that ties us to the very heart of this community.  It is because of our love for this community that we are committed to embracing change and new ideas as we engage our members and friends in participating in the work of God’s kingdom in this world.

    We Are - Embracing Differences and Finding Common Ground
    We know that no two people are the same.  As an intergenerational church with members from 0-100, we celebrate the beauty of different generations gathered together in worship and community.  Because people experience God in different ways we have multiple styles of worship – traditional, contemplative, and modern – all showcasing the beauty of God in a Reformed style.   

    We Are - Caring for Others
    Our lives are meant to be lived in service to others, following in the footsteps of Christ.  We are committed to training and preparing members and friends to engage in service both in our community and around the world.

    We Are - Home to Families
    As home to the Presbyterian Preschool we support 80 students and 8 teachers/directors who have earned the reputation as a place of excellence for children and families alike, with a developmental and play-based philosophy which allows children to develop at their own pace and learn though play and a process of discovery.

    We Are - Developing Leaders and Sharing Power
    We believe that leadership in the church should be the role of many rather than a position held by a few.  We honor and encourage an approach that allows for diverse voices to be heard and valued.  We seek to equip our members and friends with avenues to grow and use their gifts in a multitude of ways and places so that we can foster a high level of trust and mutual support in our congregation.

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