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    Diane Cretin

    Operations Coordinator

    Diane Cretin I started attending First Presbyterian Church in 1992 with my husband Lee and daughter Casey, who was in the “steady walker” class. I attended for around a year when I felt led to volunteer to be a Sunday School teacher. I was raised in a Catholic church that did not encourage Bible study on your own, so my husband and I taught 4 & 5 year olds because I felt we could stay ahead of them in learning the Bible stories and lessons. I served on the Children’s Ministry Committee for a while before switching to serving on the Missions Committee. I am on the Missions Committee to this day because it helps me to focus on serving Christ elsewhere. I have gone on short-term trips to Mexico, Russia, and Thailand. I heartedly recommend cross-cultural experiences like this to others as they so expand your worldview.

    My spiritual gifts are Administration, Leadership, and Missions. So it was not an extremely hard choice to decide to apply for the Operations Coordinator position when it became available the summer of 2015, especially with a gentle nudge from a good friend as well as my husband. It is a good to feel like you are working in the place God wants you to be. And as I am fond of saying, “I get to work with great people.”

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