First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

Sheriff's Candidate Forum

What is the format of the Sheriff’s Candidate Forum?

Each candidate will be given equal time to make a short opening statement. Then, they will all be given opportunity to answer three or four questions that we give them in advance. After that, we will take written questions from the audience, screened by members of our team. Finally, there will be time to mingle informally.

What kind of questions will you ask?

We are asking congregations throughout Sonoma County for their thoughts on what issues matter most to them. From these we will develop a few questions that have important moral and spiritual implications for our community.

Is First Presbyterian taking a political position?

No, this is a strictly non-partisan event, and no endorsements will be made.


Who can attend this event?

It is open to all, but we are publicizing it to faith communities in Sonoma County. If you'd like to invite your friends and neighbors, you may click here for a printable flyer.


Why are we doing this? Our church has never done anything like this.

As Christians that desire to be effective allies to our brothers and sisters of color, it is imperative that we become informed about community issues and systems that have disproportionately negatively impacted people of color and other vulnerable populations. Making an informed choice about the next Sonoma County Sheriff is an important and consequential community action that we can take as believers.

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