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    If you are visiting our Online Worship for the first time, we welcome you. It is our hope that you encounter God and are enriched by your worship with us. The first video is a continuous worship experience eliminating the need to click on each video individually.

    The format below is designed for you to click your way through each element which together forms a cohesive and whole worship experience.

    Prelude: Create in Me a Clean Heart

    Arranged by John Pavik
    John Pavik, Organ

    Celebrating God’s Presence

    Let Us Worship God Together

    Rev. Dr. Kent Webber

    Hymn: Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns Above

    By Bohemian Bretherens Kirchengsang | Harm. Maurice Bell | Johann Schutz | Trans. Frances Cox
    Jennie Warmack and Chris Studer, Vocals
    John Pavik, Organ

    Song: Jesus Messiah

    By Chris Tomlin | Daniel Carson | Ed Cash | Jesse Reeves
    Jennie Warmack, Rachel Vail, and Chris Studer, Vocals
    Chris Studer, Acoustic Guitar & Piano
    Eric Rundstrom, Electric Guitar
    Mike VanDordrecht, Bass Guitar

    Prayer of Confession

    Worship Leader: Elaine Carlson

    Assurance of Forgiveness

    Elaine Carlson

    Anthem: We Are Singing, for the Lord is Our Light

    Zulu Title: Siyahamba | South African Freedom Song
    Arranged by Hal H. Hopson
    Ensemble - Penny Cleary, Soprano, Sarah Held, Alto, Dave McCall, Tenor, David Irvine, Bass, Jocelyn McCord, Percussion, and John Pavik, Piano

    Proclaiming God’s Word

    Scripture Reading: John 8:12; 9:1-9, 39-41 (NRSV)

    Gail Burson is reading Scriptures this week.

    The Scripture readings and text are included in the sermon video. You may also refer to the passage using this link.

    Sermon: Jesus - The Light of the World

    2021 Lent & Easter Sermon Series: Look to Jesus

    Rev. Dr. Kent Webber

    Questions for Reflection

    Encouraging God’s People

    Song: From the Inside Out

    By Joel Houston
    Cassie Carroll and Chris Studer, Vocals
    Chris Studer, Acoustic Guitar & Piano
    Eric Rundstrom, Electric Guitar
    Mike VanDordrecht, Bass Guitar

    Morning Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer

    Elaine Carlson

    Prayer Request

    Even though we are not able to gather together in one place right now, we are committed to praying for you.Click here to submit your confidential prayer requests to our Director of Caring Ministries.

    Offertory & Reflection Questions

    Creating God, Your Fingers Trace
    By Gere Hancock
    John Pavik, Piano

    Text of Hymn

    Creating God, Your Fingers Trace

    Creating God, your fingers trace
    The bold designs of farthest space;
    Let sun and moon and stars and light
    And what lies hidden praise your might.

    Sustaining God, your hands uphold
    Earth’s mysteries known or yet untold;
    Let water’s fragile blend with air,
    Enabling life, proclaim your care.

    Redeeming God, your arms embrace
    All now despised for creed or race;
    Let peace, descending like a dove,
    Make known on earth your healing love.

    Indwelling God, your gospel claims
    One family with a myriad names;
    Let every life be touched by grace
    Until we praise you face to face.

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    John Pavik, Piano

    FPC News

    Week of February 21, 2021

    Serving God’s World

    Hymn: Arise, Your Light Is Come!

    By William Walter | Ruth Duck
    Rachel Vail and Chris Studer, Vocals
    John Pavik, Organ


    Rev. Dr. Kent Webber


    Auf Wiedersehen - Alfred Herbert Brewer
    John Pavik, Organ

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    First Kids

    Darcy Fluitt

    Each Sunday links for videos, activities, and discussions are provided to offer you a 20 – 30 minute meaningful family experience custom-designed to the age of your kids.

    Youth Rendevous

    Cory Myers

    Join Sunday Rendezoom Live via Zoom at 10:00 AM!


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