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    Idylle (op. 4, no. 1) - Edward Elgar

    John Pavik, Piano

    Call to Worship

    Pastor Dale Flowers

    Song: New Doxology

    Chris Studer, Piano & Vocals and Cassie Carroll, Vocals

    Hymn: Great is Thy Faithfulness

    John Pavik, Piano, and Chris Studer & Cassie Carol, Vocals

    Prayer of Confession

    Assurance of Forgiveness

    Pastor Emily Stockert

    Listen to God’s Word

    John 14:11-27 (NIV)

    Read by David Irvine, Director of Choral Music

    Click here for printed version

    Sermon: “With You Always”

    Sermon Series: Jesus ~ Up Close and Personal

    Song: I Am With You

    Chris Studer, Piano & Vocals

    Questions for Reflection and Response

    Pastoral Prayer 

    Pastor Kent Webber


    John Pavik, Piano

    Hymn: Come Down, O Love Divine

    John Pavik, Piano & Chris Studer, Vocals



    Prelude in A-flat (from Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1)- J.S. Bach John Pavik, Piano

    First Kids

    Watch our Video Bible Lesson

    Youth Rendezvous


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