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First Time Visitor?

Our church isn't just a building or a place to go on Sunday mornings. We're more like a family—one drawn together by God. None of us is perfect, but we strive to better follow Jesus and to love, serve, and build up our community and each other. Our faith draws us out into this mission, and we'd love to share the adventure with you. Interested in following Jesus alongside us?

We know it can be hard to walk into a new place, especially when you don’t know anybody. We want you to be comfortable when you show up. Here are a few hints and tips for your first visit to our church.

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  • Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable—we want you to be a part of community just as you are. No matter what you choose to wear we can’t wait to meet you.
  • We are constantly seeking new ways of honoring our past and traditions while experimenting with new ways of experiencing God’s presence. See which one of our three services helps you to connect with God the most.
  • Parking can be found in our parking lot off of Spring Street or on any of the side streets next to our building.
  • Our services last about an hour—you can expect to sing a few songs, hear a 15-20 minute message, engage in prayer, and get to know some new friends.
  • We believe that giving is part of following Jesus and belonging to a community, but we don’t expect our guests to give when they come to visit. The greatest gift you can give us is your email! We encourage you to fill out a welcome card when you get here and drop it in the collection when it goes by.
  • After the service we always have coffee and treats! Stick around and say hello to our pastors Dale, Emily, and Kent—they would love a chance to get to know you.

Contact us to get more connected to life here at First Pres.

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