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    Soul Training

    Adult Discipleship offers classes, training, and workshops that focus on learning practices that deepen our spiritual lives and nurture our souls.

    Example Soul Training Series Classes:

    2018 Classes

    Celebration of Thanksgiving

    November 10

    We celebrate the many ways, big and small, that God has blessed us as individuals and as a faith community in the past year. The spiritual discipline of celebration is the practice of taking joy in what God has done and reminds us of his great love for us. Immediately following our time of thanksgiving in the sanctuary, our celebration will continue through sharing a simple meal.

    Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

    February 24

    Whether you are a longtime journal keeper or someone who has never kept a journal at all, this workshop — led by author and teacher Helen Cepero — will help you go below the surface of your life with God. It is not about the art of writing, but about how journaling can form us spiritually.

    Scripture Engagement ~ Women of the Old Testament

    August 8, 15, 22

    This workshop focuses on the study of Scripture with Rabbi George Gittleman. Rabbi Gittleman is a gifted teacher and delights in connecting with Christians through our shared Jewish history and love of Scripture.

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