First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

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    The Gallery at First Opening Reception

    Starts at 11:30 am

    Meet artist Barbara Stout at The Gallery at First’s opening reception for our new show, Studies of Spirit which consists of over 25 ink wash on paper portraits designed to be shown as a group. The show examines the place where differences and ordinariness resonate as the true beauty in individual countenance. By using uniform square formats (each head is two feet square), the same black on white treatment, and the absence of background, Stout highlights uniqueness and equality. The series contains a global span of ethnicities and ages young to old.

    To create these portraits, the artist paints on paper using India ink applied with long-haired Chinese brushes, using layered washes giving the pieces an especially soft finish, like skin itself. Some brushes are used to apply ink, some to apply various amounts of water or to act like a precise sponge. Barbara says, “As I work on them, I am drawn in by the nuances of each face, engrossed by a certain chin indentation, the hollow of an ear canal, the way an almost imperceptible shift of an eyelid or shadow on a lip can transform the expression. I find in each face a heart and in each heart a light that moves us forward and into the future.”

    Barbara has shown nationally and internationally, including China, Australia, New York, and Washington.

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