First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    We Grow

    EnlightenUp! Summer Series

    Time: 7:00 to 8:30 PM

    First Presbyterian Church

    1550 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa, California

    People sometimes wonder why we do Enlighten Up. It’s not a series with immediate practical value for your Christian life. It doesn’t teach theology or Bible or prayer or evangelism–at least not directly. Rather, it’s meant to accomplish something wider and deeper: to celebrate and learn from the wide diversity of gifts and callings, many of which have no direct place in the church, but all of which are very much part of what God cares for. The glory of God is displayed in his people, as they do his work with love and passion. In music, medicine, sports, astronomy, science, business–and in many, many more endeavors–God’s splendor shows. The public is invited to attend on Sunday evenings throughout the summer.

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