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Summer Series

People sometimes wonder why we do EnlightenUp! - it’s not a series with immediate practical value for your Christian life. It doesn’t teach theology or Bible or prayer or evangelism–at least not directly. Rather, it’s meant to accomplish something wider and deeper: to celebrate and learn from the wide diversity of gifts and callings, many of which have no direct place in the church, but all of which are very much part of what God cares for. The glory of God is displayed in his people, as they do his work with love and passion. In music, medicine, sports, astronomy, science, business–and in many, many more endeavors–God’s splendor shows. The public is invited to attend on Sunday evenings throughout the summer.

Our next summer series begins in June; join us in Room 113, 7:00 to 8:30 PM

June 12 | Music As Connection: Laurie Hartmann

Laurie Hartmann grew up in a musical family and became a vocalist, harpist, music educator, private music instructor, music minister and therapeutic musician. Music has been a means of integrating her faith into her connection with others in the loving nest of her relationship with God. She will articulate how she grappled with the invitations of Jesus over and over in her musical career. Laurie will share interactive musical experiences with us that illustrate how the weaving of her faith and music heals herself and others.

June 26 | The Legacy of Eugene Peterson: Dan Baumgartner

Dan Baumgartner had a long friendship with Eugene Peterson, author and pastor best known as the translator of The Message. Peterson’s special dedication was to encourage and support young pastors. Baumgartner was one of those mentored by Peterson—a relationship that was also very much a friendship. After a decade in the business world, Baumgartner has pastored churches in Minneapolis, Seattle, Hollywood and now The Cove, Santa Rosa.

August 14 | Why Youth Ministry Matters: Cory Myers

Cory Myers grew up in Santa Rosa and at First Presbyterian, where he came to faith. He is now the parent of a teenager and has served as Director of Youth Ministry at First Presbyterian for 20 years. He will reflect on his calling to serve young people, and on the changes he has seen in youth culture over the years. In Myers’ experience and opinion, there is nothing more important than for students to connect with the flesh and blood Jesus and to experience his ongoing presence in their lives through fellowship and service.

August 28 | Public Transit As Ministry?: Jack Swearengen

SMART (Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit) had just been approved by the voters when Swearengen assumed leadership of the advocacy group Friends of SMART. SMART is operating today; but obstacles abound. When the system struggles, so do its advocates. What keeps them going? Swearengen will describe the pathway he took to this calling, share experiences from his years as FoS Chair, delve into moral questions, and suggest a Biblical basis for public advocacy. Swearengen had a long and successful career as an engineering professor at Washington State University, Researcher and Manager at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque and Livermore, and Science Advisor to the Department of Defense in The Pentagon. He has been an advocate for public transportation since “retirement” in 2002.

September 11 | Trauma and Faith: Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller Seminary along with a ministry degree in Christian Leadership. For the last 12 years she pursued her calling to service as a psychologist in an unexpected role in the medical humanitarian aid sector. Most recently she served with Doctors without Borders, traveling to trouble spots throughout the world. She will share how her journey of faith led her to some surprising adventures working in various medical emergencies around the world from Ebola to the Rohingya refugee crisis.

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