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    We Celebrate

    Why devote the entry and hallway of a church sanctuary to an art gallery? Both provide space for discovery, inspiration, and growth.

    Art gives you pleasure but always, always the possibility of transformation, that is the provocative nature of art.

    –Dana Gioia, Poet

    Bud by Mary Vaughan Becky Stender, a member of FPCSR’s art gallery committee and a local photographer, recently reflected on the importance of experiencing and living with art.

    “I asked myself one day, what makes life worth living for me? I realized that if I lived in a world without art – as defined by poetry, dance, music, objects and designs rendered by the hands of people – it may not be a life worth living! How can I explain this? It must be that whatever is behind art and ultimately beauty, originates in God and I have a need for it. Like I need community and purpose, work, family, and faith, I need art.”

    The Gallery at First hosts four art shows during the year with receptions to meet the artists and hear about their work.

    2018 Shows

    New! Woven Illusions

    November 2018 — January, 2019

    Our new show, “Woven Illusions” — works of textile and fiber by renowned international artist Adela Akers — is up on the walls! The artistic career of Adela Akers spans the whole history of modern fiber art.

    Windows Of Time—Through Hubble Space Telescope

    September - November, 2018

    Windows Of Time—Through Hubble Space Telescope. This show consists of images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. The intent in displaying these photos is to build an awareness of the enormity and expansive nature of the universe and inspire our reverence for God’s majestic creation.

    Myself and No Other: A Collection of Children’s Portraits

    May — August, 2018

    The show - photography by Becky Stender - celebrates children and their expressions. The photos capture moments of spontaneous emotions and honest expression.

    From Grief to Gratitude by Peter Krohn

    February — April, 2018

    Peter’s art is connected to his personal story – an exhibit of art that combines the story of Peter’s personal history of survival as a refugee from WWII and his journey from fear and grief to gratitude.

    Read more and see some of Peter’s art ➜

    2017 Shows

    Watercolors by Mary Hoppert

    August — November, 2017

    Reception with the Artist
    Sunday, November 5
    11:30am to 1:00pm

    Illusion: Traditional Methods and Contemporary Conceptions

    April 30 — July 31, 2017

    Three Oil Painters from the Russian River Atelier
    Jay Blums, Naomi Marino, Linda Schroeter

    Dana’s Nest We are a collaborative working art studio located in Sonoma County whose artists share a passion for traditional and contemporary realist painting and drawing. The atelier functions not only as an ideal space for our artists to produce their work, but also hosts classes and intensive workshops taught by our resident artists and guest artists. Students at the Russian River Atelier study still-life painting, work from the live model, master copies, landscape, pictorial composition, sight size cast drawing and portraiture.

    Stations of the Cross

    April 9 - April 16
    A way to enter into Holy Week and the journey with Jesus to the cross.

    Eco-Abstracts and Bio-tiques: Earth-Art Images Implying Visual Metaphor

    January 22 - March 13
    Mary Vaughan, Artist

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