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    * First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa is a body of believers that has demonstrated care for one another and the wider community in the wake of several devastating natural disasters beginning with the Tubbs Fires in 2017. In response to this event, members and friends of our congregation made generous charitable donations toward a Disaster Relief Fund. Commensurate with the establishment of this fund, we formed a Disaster Response Team, who is entrusted with receiving requests from members and church friends and community referrals, in order to provide cash assistance to cover costs which address basic needs including (but not limited to) housing, food, and other essentials.

    Because coming alongside people in crisis requires more than financial assistance, the Disaster Response Team also provides oversight, coordination, and care for disaster survivors. For example, following the Tubbs Fires, a series of monthly dinners was served to fire survivors who came together to share stories, receive support and be nourished by a meal and the nurture of our church community.

    Please consider making a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund so that we can continue to be as responsive and resourceful as possible when disaster strikes. Thank you for your generosity.

    At present, the Disaster Response Team is mobilized to address people affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. We are prepared to respond to both the health and economic needs which arise as a result of this crisis with as much support and care as we can provide.

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    * Thanks to those of you who donated to the Fire Relief Fund following the Tubbs Fire. We were overwhelmed with incredibly generous support. With these funds we provided significant, immediate relief to over 70 households as well as provided sizeable donations to two community service partners who serve the most vulnerable populations. When our community experienced the Kinkade Fire in 2019, we were able to offer support to those who incurred financial loss due to the extensive evacuation order affecting most of Sonoma County.

    So that we may able to respond quickly and responsively to future disasters, we are expanding the focus of the “Fire Relief Fund” to that of a more general Disaster Relief Fund. If you donated to the Fire Relief Fund and have any questions or concerns about having your donation re-directed to a general disaster relief fund, please contact our church’s Finance Coordinator, Ann Hall: or 707-890-8014. If we do not hear from you by the end of 2020 we will assume you have consented with our decision.

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