First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    Fall On Me

    by Diane Cretin

    Are you struggling with anything this holiday season? You are not the only one. We might act like it is a time of total joy, but that is not true for many people. Some people are struggling with not having enough to eat or how to provide presents for those they love. Some have lost friends and family members in the last year. Some are lonely. Others have financial concerns.

    When I am struggling, I find that listening to music helps me. A song that has had an impact on me recently is Fall On Me, sung by Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo. This song makes me think of my relationship with God. When I have questions or life is not going how I want, I feel like I can express my feelings to God and know God responds.

    The first verse of the song reflects the questioning we do when we struggle. Then comes the chorus, which I imagine as God’s response:

    Fall on me, With open arms
    Fall on me, From where you are
    Fall on me, With all your light
    With all your light, With all your light

    I think of verse 2 as a continued response from God:

    Soon you will find what your heart wants to know,
    Don’t give up hope for I know you are close,
    And all you have ever dreamed, wished you could ever be,
    Is waiting to find you wherever you go,
    Believe in yourself, every step that you take,
    Know I am smiling with pride everyday,
    My love will forever be stronger than stone,
    Don’t be afraid you are never alone

    The part that I feel in my soul that brings me hope is the song’s bridge, which is how I feel about God’s presence in my life:

    I close my eyes and I’m seeing you everywhere,
    I step outside,
    It’s like I’m breathing you in the air,
    I can feel you’re there

    Then as the chorus repeats, I hear God tell me once again that I can fall on him.

    Recognizing that we all struggle in some way is why I am so glad our church takes part in Redwood Gospel Mission’s Nomadic Shelter. This program enables our church to provide a safe place for homeless friends to sleep and enjoy a wholesome meal, prepared and served by members of our congregation. It is also why I am so glad our church offers an Angel Tree, for us to give gifts to the children of Kid Street Learning Center. It is not uncommon for these Christmas gifts to be the only ones some children receive.

    When you are struggling, I encourage you to reach out and let others know. We are a church family who wants to care for each other. And remember God is still there, even in the tough times. God is always available for you to fall upon.

    Published on December 29, 2021

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