First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    Church Unplugged!

    by Dale Flowers

    Many of our neighbors have been without power for days and others are expected to lose power this weekend with more projected high winds in our area. We’ve been informed that First Presbyterian Church may be without power this Sunday. Despite a lack of electricity, we will keep to our schedule this Sunday, October 27th, with all three worship services (8:00, 9:00, & 10:30 a.m.) and the RobRoy MacLeod Memorial at 1:00 p.m. We may be unplugged from our electrical source, but we are not without the presence and power of God’s Spirit which is essential to our experience of worship.

    We will have worship with or without power

    When our church formed a Fire Response Team in 2017, we thought this group would lead our church’s effort to care for members and friends who lost homes in that specific event. But our experience of continued red flag warnings of wildfire conditions at this time of year and the recent eruption of the Kincade Fire threatening residents and properties of Geyserville and Healdsburg has us rethinking our role as a church. The response of a church member who lives in Healdsburg sums up how many of us feel about experiencing these repeated alarming conditions: Thank you for checking in. We are fine right now…. This is crazy, I’m so over fires!

    Pray for Residents and Firefighters

    Our first response is to pray. We seek God’s help as we pray for the residents of Geyserville and Healdsburg who are being threatened by the Kincade Fire along with the safety and protection of firefighters who work to contain it.

    Our second response is to check-in and offer tangible support, resources, and care of our members and friends who are most affected by such fires as well as those who do without electricity for multiple days. To protect against smoke inhalation, we have the recommended

    N-95 masks available at the church.

    Finally, we consider our facility as a gathering place during times of emergency and distress. Our recently installed power shelf in the Narthex/Sanctuary entrance has been used by many this week to recharge phones and computers who have been without power. We are exploring the possibility of acquiring generators to continue to be a reliable hub of support for members, friends, and neighbors.

    If you have suggestions of other ways we can serve or if you would like to be part of the team who offers such services, please let me know.

    Published on October 25, 2019

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