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    Apprentice Immersion

    New Cohort This Fall

    by Allie Shoulders

    In the winter sermon series Upside Down, which is based on the book of Luke, we have repeatedly seen and heard the theme of Kingdom living. Jesus taught his followers to live as he did–caring for the outcast, the ignored, the mourning, the hungry, and acting justly with sincere love in all of our interactions. This sounds like a demanding and almost impossible lifestyle, yet Jesus clearly expected his followers to embrace it.

    If we believe that what Jesus taught is true, how do we go about putting a Kingdom way of life into practice? The answer is simple, yet requires us to be intentional. Kingdom living is not natural in today’s world. It means that we allow Jesus to be our teacher in all aspects of life. Through Jesus’ words and actions, we come to know that we are loved by God - and what it means to live out that reality. We are gradually transformed into people who reflect Jesus himself in all of our transactions and we fall in love with the God Jesus knows. This process is not just for “super” Christians with theological degrees or an official church title, it is actually for everyone.

    The Apprentice Immersion is one way to begin and strengthen the process of being transformed into Christlikeness. This happens as we allow his light to show through our cracks and imperfections by growing in our understanding of how deeply we are loved by God and how precious we are to him, learning daily practices that strengthen our dependence on him, and experiencing the great gift of doing it in community. Currently there are 20 people working through the 30-week experience based on a trilogy of books by James Bryan Smith, which he calls a “curriculum in Christlikeness.” Each week we explore a false narrative such as “I have to earn God’s love,” or “God loves only when I am good,” and begin to replace them with correct ones, “I am precious to God,” and “And God loves me regardless.” In tandem we also engage in a Soul Training exercise that help increase our trust and truly see that God is good and beautiful.

    A new cohort will begin in fall 2019 and you are invited to join us! Look for more details in the coming months.

    Published on April 23, 2019

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