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    Movie Night: A Shared Experience

    Viewing and discussing movies pose important questions about life and society. It’s a powerful way to bridge our differences and see God’s image in others.

    by Allie Shoulders

    Movies are unique in that a complete story can be told in a short period of time – engaging sight and sound – with nuance. Movies are a way to enter worlds that are remote, foreign, or in some cases off limits. Movies say something about people that make the movie and people who view the movie. In short, movies have the potential to be powerful, entertaining, thought provoking, and sometimes frustrating along with the fact that viewing them can be a shared experience!

    I don’t mind if a book I love is made into a movie. I know some people who say they are afraid their beloved story will be ruined by the artistic decisions of the movie makers. I respect their feelings but I don’t share them. To me, movies are a completely different and absolutely compelling medium.

    We’ve featured Movie Nights at First Presbyterian for over ten years. The initial launch was a response to a weekend series led by author and teacher Denis Haack. Denis introduced the idea that viewing and discussing movies that pose important questions about life and society is a powerful way to bridge our differences and see God’s image in others.

    One question consistently asked about our Movie Nights is: how do we choose the movies we show? I usually offer a quick answer, but behind it is a thoughtful process that goes into our final selection which includes the following:

    Movie Nights are the first Friday of every month (except July and August). We hope you’ll join us for our next scheduled viewings:

    Published on May 4, 2018

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