First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    Alexander Graham Bell and Prayer

    Turning Toward God

    by Linda Maloney

    Prayer is important and a vital facet of faith as a Christian. I grew up in a church so it never seemed foreign or unusual to pray or to participate in the practice. However, there are two moments that stand out to me in my journey of faith.

    When my sons were quite young โ€“ two, four, six, and eight years of age โ€“ a trusted friend, Daphne and I would pray early in the morning over the telephone. It was a weekly routine. The phone would ring during the wee hours of the morning. Our prayers might last 15 to 20 minutes, until we heard little footsteps. Praying together for our combined total of seven children on a weekly basis was such a sweet practice.

    Later in my life, after the children had grown, there was a family crisis. I did not see how God could possibly help navigate this circumstance. One day while talking to my oldest sister, Mardie, I asked her if she would join me in prayer every day at noon. Living in the age of smartphones with alarms was a tool and I set my ringer on the โ€œharpโ€ setting. Mardie set her phone too. We lived many miles apart, but we each knew that together we were seeking Godโ€™s guidance. We did not pray audibly, but our hearts were in sync. Five years later, my phone still reminds me to pray at noon. Regardless of where I am or what I am doing, that ringer turns my hectic day toward God.

    Both of these experiences speak to the importance of community in my prayer life. Perhaps I need accountability, or motivation, or even a sense of teamwork โ€“ but trusted people and telephones have been a common thread in my practice of prayer.

    Published on January 24, 2018

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