First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    Advent: a Season of Promise and Anticipation

    The beauty of Advent is the promise that Jesus has come and is coming again soon.

    by Brenna Hesch

    I have never been very good at being patient. My parents used to say I acted like I was 10 minutes late for a 5-minute meeting. I like instant results. Even Amazon’s 2-day shipping seems like an eternity. This is one reason I am thankful for the season of Advent. If forces me to remember that I need to slow down, that waiting is actually a good thing, that not all things can be rushed.

    Advent is a season of promise and anticipation. It reminds us that we are not the ones in control, God is. It reminds us of our need for God and our own need to be delivered, even from ourselves and our busyness. We can get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to look out for God, forget to look for the coming of Jesus in our daily lives.

    Advent reminds us that we should be looking for Jesus every day of our lives not just in December . The beauty of Advent is the promise that Jesus has come and is coming again soon. When the waiting feels unbearable we can trust in that promise to get us through to another day.

    Christmas @ FPC

    Christmas Worship Schedule

    Sunday, December 24
    Fourth Sunday of Advent
    9:00 and 10:30am: Worship
    Christmas Eve
    5:00 pm: Children’s Worship
    5:30 to 6:45pm: The Living Nativity 7:00 and 9:00pm: Candlelight Worship

    Sunday, December 31
    9:00 and 10:30am: Worship

    On New Year’s Eve day, each worship time will feature elements led by the same worship team offering a blended presentation of carols and songs, with Tim Stafford preaching.

    Published on December 12, 2017

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