Caring Ministries Leadership

Through the role of  Director of Caring Ministries and the various teams which address specific needs, our congregation has developed a culture of care.  The key to this comprehensive and consistent response of care is our willingness to direct all caring needs to one central point of contact, our Director of Caring Ministries – Colleen Soldate. Contact Colleen at 890-8012 or email For urgent care needs call our 24 hour hot-line at 328-5465.




See  How  They  Love  One  Another

As a congregation we practice a culture of care to support and encourage members and friends in need.   Through  Caring Ministries we  mobilize various groups to address specific needs; such as:  delivery of a meal following a hospital stay,  intercessory prayer, a home visit, or one-on-one giving of care.



The primary role of a deacon is to minister care to those in need and lead our congregation, in the example of Jesus, serving with compassion.  Deacons serve our congregation through a parish model (geographical groupings).  As a member or friend of the church you are in a parish and have a Parish Deacon.  Deacons primary services include: flower delivery, meals, helping hands,  home visits, and holiday outreach projects.

Prayer Ministry

When someone is in need of prayer they may access one or more of the following:   make their need known to the Prayer Chain ~ a group of  intercessors who pray specifically and maintain confidentiality of all requests;  request their name be included in the list of Prayer Needs published in our newsletter, Imparts; or respond to the Sunday invitation to meet and pray with a member of our Worship Prayer Team.   Either fill out a prayer request card (in the pews) or contact the Caring Ministries Director to communicate your requests for prayer.

Home and Hospital Visitation

One-to-One Caring Connections are made to those in need of emotional, physical, and spiritual support.  Phone calls, visits, meals, and cards are some of the ways we respond to provide care and fellowship.
Pastors make hospital and home visits  to provide encouragement, prayer, and/or celebrate communion with those who are unable to regularly attend worship.
Spirit Singers are a group of vocalists who visit people unable to attend worship  and bring encouragement through their singing of hymns.

Support Ministries

As needs arise, support groups are formed to provide care, encouragement, and resources.

Stephen Ministries

Trained care-givers are ready to meet, listen, and pray with those facing a crisis or difficulty and come alongside them with confidential support.  Contact Stephen Ministry at 890-8012.